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Post Time2006-12-19
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Our graceful NOS?silk is a glorious diamond among the natural colored silk. The silk is about 600 meters long, 5-6 dtex. Its tentensile strength and elongation is mulberry silk 2.5 times and 1.5 times respectively. After being reeled from cocoons, the silk can keep its natural green. The fabric is soft, no fold, non-ironing with jewel luster. Its monofilament section is irregular flat. Its minimum flat degree is less than 12.5% while that of the mulberry silk is about 60%. This is the main reason why the silk has unique luster. Thanks to bigger chinks and holes in it than in tussah silk fibre, the silk fibre has good ability of sucking and draining sweats. The fibres gather loosely with good flexibility, and are superior in acidproof and alkalinproof to the mulberry silk. The silk can be made into graceful, luxurious and comfortable super cloths. And, compounding it with other silk, colored cotton and other natural fibres, we can make various kinds of top-grade clothing, noble ornaments and handicraft, such as a weaving photo by modern digital technology. The costliness of the silk is not only because of its unique physical property, but also because of its different content of element and proportion from other silk. Main composition of the silk is protein, and its nutrition can strengthen human skin vigor. The fibrin and sericin are made up of nearly 20 kinds of amino acid. Especially, the content of glycine and alanine is very high. The NOS?fibroin is absorbed by the human body after being degraded, and can supplement the most lost--alanine and glycine in wounded human body rapidly.

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