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[ Features ] PTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. PTFE compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature. Because of such excellent properties, PTFE has a wide application as a sealing material. [FILLED PTFE] Filler: glass fiber; carbon fiber; MoS2; graphite; PI; PPS; SiO2 ; bronze powder; polyphenyl, etc. outside diameter / Inside diameter x High(mm) 15/10x40 71/55x90 115/65x100 170/100x100 30/19x70 75/42x150 115/75x100 172/135x50 36/24x50 77/55x100 117/80x110 172/145x115 40/18x100 79/65x80 120/98x70 187/159x70 40/20x100 83/30x100 122/102x60 205/162x90 42/25x100 83/60x100 125/60x100 213/189x100 48/36x100 84/53x70 125/80x85 220/170x40 49/39x50 64/60x100 127/86x100 229/185x70 50/28x100 90/68x100 129/112x62 250/214x100 57/40x50 93/60x100 135/92x65 284/250x95 60/30x50 93/65x100 140/100x100 290/240x120 64/30x50 100/60x100 141/112x100 304/364x50 66/45x50 100/65x100 142/112x100 325/285x100 66/51x50 100/75x100 148/118x100 390/354x120 66/55x50 100/84x50 150/110x100 395/355x50 68/42x60 102/65x100 160/130x65 516/468x80 69/42x100 107/65x100 162/126x100 578/530x90 70/45x50 110/50x70 164/137x62 110/65x125 164/124x60 [ Main properties ] Density g/cm3: 2.10-2.30 Tensile strength (min) MPa: 15.0 Ultimate elongation (min) %150 [ Applications ] Sealing material.

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