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Bamboo cotton bath towel

Post Time2018-09-24
Expired Time2020-09-23

1.Sweat absorption, cool and comfortable, the real "air-conditioning fiber": bamboo fiber cross-section covered with large and small oval pores, can absorb and evaporate a large amount of moisture in an instant, bamboo fiber water absorption is three times that of cotton. The moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability of bamboo fiber rank first among the major textile fibers. The porous structure of bamboo fiber has a good function of sweat absorption and moisture drainage, so it can automatically adjust the balance of human body humidity and extend the biological effect of life. 2.Deodorant adsorption, super clean function: ultra-fine, porous, sugar-free, fat-free structural characteristics, so that it has a strong adsorption capacity, can effectively adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, eliminate bad odor, so that bamboo fiber has a super clean function and oil removal ability, it is no wonder that by. Call it: cleaning master, health guard! 3.Bacteriostasis and antibacterial, bactericidal rate 75%: bamboo fiber contains a natural substance "bamboo kum", it has the role of insect control and bacteriostasis and the production of negative ions. SGS, the world's most authoritative testing agency, found that the same number of bacteria under the microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can multiply in large numbers, and bamboo fiber products on the bacteria killed in 24 hours after about 75%. environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet radiation: bamboo fiber is a green environmental protection material extracted from raw bamboo. Its special micro-porous structure has the natural anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect and negative ion characteristics of bamboo, without any irritation to the skin.

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