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  • 2019-11-04
  • 2019-12-04
  • Bangladesh
  • We are the supplier of Raw Cotton of various Spinning Mills in Bangladesh. Some of our clients demand to import raw cotton of large quantity in regular basis. We are looking for a capable and genuine raw cotton Exporter. Firstly we look for an offer of 500 Ton of CIS cotton 1-1 / 8" C & F (C) Chittagong port. We deal as an agent of our esteemed overseas seller or Exporter for marketing the above product to the Local Spinners. Staple Length 1-1 / 8" and concerning quality, Grade prefer GM (Good Middling) than next prefer BGM (Bare good Middling) Other specification like MIC, PSI Moisture and Trash should be Internationally Standard. The origin of Growth USA,CIS-Uzbekistan, Indian, Pakistan, Africa and others Country. We have got potential Buyers, Among them only One Buyer Imports around 2 lac bales total per year. Among them approx. 60-70% from CIS origin and rest of the quantity from India and other origin. It is for the consumption for his own Mills having 2, 50, 000 spindles and the excess quantity is being traded to the other local Spinners. If there is a competitive offer and could maintains the quality. Business would be guaranteed we believe. Any interested Exporter cordially welcomed.
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