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Buy Polyester Filament Yarn

  • 2019-07-12
  • 2019-08-11
  • Egypt
  • 50 tons Polyester Filament Yarn 75 De / 36 filament , semi dull, raw white first quality rewinded on non -returnable paper tube Physical properties: 1. Actual denier:72.00-/+1.0 2. strength(g/de):4.81-/+ 0.3 3.elongation(%):29.60-/+ 4. B.W.S. (%):8.5-/+1.0 5. Oil pick up(W t%):0.68-/+0.3 6.Section: O-type 7. No. of Intermingle:about 10-15per meter Quality: fibrill:less than0.4 Ea/million meter Price :- Should be only FOB & CIF. Samples must be submitted together with offers, , for trial purpose. Itis a must that the samples should be sent together with the offer, otherwise the offer will be discarded.
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