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Polyester Filament Sewing Thread

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Model NO Model Num Keyword Polyester Filament Sewing Thread,Polyester Sewing
Origin China
Product Description
Polyester Filament Sewing Thread This thread has been produced using specially  filament yarn with high strength,Website:http://www.wxthread.com, low elongation, and low shrink ability. We  use advanced production techniques to provide you with thread of superior  quality that can be easily sewed and good seam quality.◆ Feature:  ● Bright color  ● Excellent Seam Strength  ● Excellent Strength Tenacity  ● Excellent Sew ability  ● Excellent Color Fastness  ● High Resistance to Abrasion  ● Excellent Seam Appearance◆Classify & Usage:NoSpecificationRegular LengthMain Usages1150D3000Y, 3500Y, 5000YSewing thread for nylon zipper, great clothes leather products shoes,furnishings, car cushions and all kinds of  bags, etc2150D*23000Y, 3500Y, 5000YSewing thread for leather, over locking,great clothes leather products shoes,furnishings, car cushions and all kinds of bags, etc3210D3000Y ,3500Y, 5000Y4210D*23000Y, 3500Y, 5000Y5250D 3000Y,3500Y,5000Y6250D*23000Y, 3500Y, 5000Y7300D3000Y, 3500Y, 5000YSewing thread for leather, Leather shoes,    Sofa,car cushion, handbag, over locking, etc8400D500Y,  1000Y, 1500YSewing thread for leather, over locking,etc9500D500Y,  1000Y,1500Ythread for label, leather shoe, Sofa,car cushion, handbag, etc10630D500Y,  1000Y,1500Ythread for label, Knitting, Sewing,Weaving, etc11840D*3300Y,  500Y,1000Ythread for label, Knitting, Sewing,Weaving, Mattress etc121000D*3300Y, 500Y, 800Ythread for label, Knitting, Sewing,Weaving, etcStrength Testing Report fixed length (mm): 500          Speed (mm/min):1000              (210D1*3 for reference)Breaking Tenacity(CN)Breaking elongation(%)Breaking Strength (CN/tex)Breaking Time(s)1st3813.67020.98127.12006.292nd3663.24019.40122.10005.823rd3584.43019.24119.48005.774th3624.21019.45120.80005.83Min.     3584.43019.24119.48005.77Max3813.67020.98127.12006.29AVG3671.38019.76122.37005.92Irregularity Rate001.93003.03001.93003.03CV (%)002.72004.09002.72004.05


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