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High Quartz Silica Glass Fiber Yarn (SR25)

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Model NO 003 Keyword Continual Quartz Glass Fiber,Fiberglass Yarn,Conti
Product group 17990 Brand ZTJD
Origin China
Product Description
Fiber fineness: 3 ~ 25 μ M Purity: More than 99.9 percent content of SiO2 Performance: Melting point: 1710 degree Crystallization temperature: 70dgree above Thermotolerant performance: 1200 degree half hour starts not to change form crisply. Thermal coefficient: (mat-like) in the following 200 degree <0.03 kcal/m at the degree In 1000 degree at 0.2 kcal/m at the degree Tensile capacity: 15.4 N Tensile strength: Normal temperature > 150Kg/mm2 500 degree at the strength reduced by 20% Elastic modulus: 96 *104Kg/mm2 Dielectric constant: E= 4.5 Volume Resistance: (for cable) At room temperature> 1 * 1017 Ω Cm 500 degree at > 1 *1010 Ω Cm 1000degree at > 1 * 108 Ω Cm Water tolerance: In the water boiled for three hours without loss Acid resistance: 1 NH2SO4 boiled in three hours without loss Alkaline resistance: 0.5 NNaOH boiled three hours loss of 0.62 percent Applying: 1. For high-temperature insulation: Such as rockets, missiles for insulation, earthquake or other high-temperature insulating materials engineering. 2. Used for reinforced plastic: High-temperature production of synthetic resin and high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic materials. Widely used in aviation, missiles and rockets, and so on. 3. Special cable: Use for the foreskin of the cable, used in high temperature on the special-purpose cable. 4. Acid-base for high-temperature filters For vacuum tube filled with material: Water Rafah as a quartz tube filled with silk material, in order to improve the performance of the tube, and extend the life of vacuum tube.


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