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DIY door screen

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Model NO cch-diy3 Keyword diy,window screen,door screen
Brand CCH Origin China
Product Description
In the summer has come, has many people are drives the mosquito depending on the mosquito-repellent incense, the mosquito-repellent incense indeed drives mosquito's first choice, mosquito-repellent incense that smell is actually not that wonderful, since the mosquito-repellent incense can kill by poison the mosquito, then it definitely also has the toxic action to the human, it is reported that 0.1 mosquito-repellent incense release the ultrafine dust and burns 75~137 cigarette's quantities to be the same, its release's ultrafine dust may enter and keep in the lung, therefore, in the short-term possibly initiates asthma, possibly initiates cancer for a long time. But against mosquito best means are the mosquito rejection outside the window, presses down the screen window to the house, but if some houses did not have the screen window frame, or already installed the screen window actually to go bad, the screen window to the gauze net's fixed existence question and so on and so on, could affect drives the mosquito. In view of the fact that these questions, my factory has researched and developed one new product - - DIY simple against mosquito screen window, it frequently 100 Yuan/square against mosquito screen windows compares with the market, this calculated on is thing inexpensive US, so long as set of products 10 several Yuan (product specification may act according to customer request custom make). May save 90% above the expense for you; But the DIY working procedure, lets you not need completely to have a headache about the appointment, waits tedious, saves your valuable time; The simple assembly way makes you to have nothing the extra worries (traditional screen window, if has a window to have problem, but must ask human to visit to service, that is matter which has a headache oh)! Installs the environment: Only needs around the window to have can the viscose place then


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