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  • Sell Porjectile loom parts

    Weaving Loom Parts Sulzer Parts, projectile,gripper,picking shoe,picking link,guide tooth,guide teeth block,brake lining; Rapier Looms Parts, Gripper ,Drive Wheels,GTM,GTM-A,GTM-AS,GTX,GAMMA; Airjet Looms Parts,Nozzles,Solenoid Valves ,Weft Detectors, proximity switch,cams; Clutches & Brakes, Cutters, Leno Holder & Bobbins, Repeat Gears & Arms, drop wire,wire heald, Reeds,Heald frame,Beam..

    Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell Ptfe Teflon Microwave Oven Belt

    This product is used as a seperating sheet or conveyer belt when baking or drying foodstuffs. Main characters: High temperature resistance, acid and alkalis resistance, adherence resistance, non-posionous. Our produce PTFE Conveyer Belt can be continously used under 260 celsius.

    Taixing Weiwei Conveyer Belt Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell Veranda Fence

    Weatherproof protection against sun, wind ect. Will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilized. Will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilised. Fashion relax products.

    Zhejiang Tianyuan Fabric Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell Windbreak net, Anti-wind fence

    Weatherproof protection against sun, wind and even heavy hail damage. Will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilised. Strong, tear resistant protection. Manufactured to provide a reliable and long-lasting cover. Suitable for open areas, glasshouse shading and reducing heat loss in greenhouses (between 5-7%) representing significant savings on fuel costs.

    Zhejiang Tianyuan Fabric Co., Ltd.  


  • Micofibre towel

    It could be used in automobile clean, could polish the car.The shape could be circle, square.Very relax to clean

    Shaanxi Fuyuan Int Inc.  


  • self-adhesive PVC vinyl, book covering

    Features: 1) PVC thickness: 150micron 2) Total weight: 235gsm 3) Color: white, yellow, sunflower, orange, rococo, red lollipop, petal pink, green, deep green, marine blue, gray, black etc. Pack dimensions: 107 x 13.5 x 13.5cm, 14 x 14 x 107cm, 45.5 x 23 x 16.5cm, 60.5 x 21 x 14cm, 107 x 13.5 x 13.5cm Inner packing:Dimensions: 60cm x 10m, 45cm x 15m Outer packing:12rolls/carton Should you have any specific requirements? Please let us know.

    Ningbo Oriental Hi-Tech Material Corp.  


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