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    1.5/1B-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 8L/sec Max Head: 68 Meters Suction: 1.5 inch Discharge: 1inch Material: High chrome or Rubber liner Application H series Centrifugal Slurry Pumps are designed for handling highly abrasive,high density slurries in metallurgy industry, mining industry, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments. The pumps of these model also can be installed as multi-stage series.

    Libra Fluid Equipment Co,.LTD  


  • 304L Stainless Steel Sheet

    Specifications manufacturer of 304L aluminum and stainless steel 1.Low carbon 2.Thickness:3~50mm 3.Width:1500 1000mm http://www.jhxsteeland.com/

    Jiangsu Jin Hongxin stainless steel co., LTD  


  • 304l Stainless Steel Coil

    Specifications 1. MOQ:1 ton 2. Thickness: 3mm~100mm 3. Width: 500mm~1500mm 4. Length: 1000mm~6000mm 5. Delivery: Within 5 working days http://www.jhxsteeland.com/

    Jiangsu Jin Hongxin stainless steel co., LTD  


  • 321 Stainless Steel Sheet

    Specifications 321 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheet 1.Thickness:0.3~3.0mm 2.width:500~1500mm 3.MOQ:2 ton 4.Delivery time:10 days http://www.jhxsteeland.com/

    Jiangsu Jin Hongxin stainless steel co., LTD  


  • 310s Stainless Steel Sheet

    Specifications 310S stainless steel sheet in stock Thickness:3-100mm; Width:500-2000mm Low price http://www.jhxsteeland.com/

    Jiangsu Jin Hongxin stainless steel co., LTD  


  • tape rolls

    hough human constitute direct, acute hazards, but if long-term intake, the body will cause potential harm. in addition bopp tape surface portion of the ink in the printing benzene substances will migrate to the inside of the vegetable by vegetable epidermis, plastic itself bopp tape moiety often contain a plasticizer, the plasticizer will migra Bopp Tape Manufacturer, Bopp tape supplier, www.bopptapemanufacturer.com

    kemii tape  


  • Sell Sandblast Machine

    There are sandblast cabinet and sandblast pot which can meet your requirement. Welcome to contact us for more details.

    Shanghai Yuchang Sandblast Equipment Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell Computerized embroidery Machine

    Real Roll-to-roll Embroidery Machine, work without frame or clamps. Continuously embroidery on roll fabric, save time and labor. Perfect embroidery on various fabric. Alternative head operation for bigger designs. Automatic color change, Automatic thread trimming. Optional sequin devices able to create fantastic design. Three servo motors offer power to X/Y/Z-axis to guarantee machine working high speed and move precisely. Full color LCD Touch screen& vivid display. Compared with the Embroidery Machine, it does not need to change the materials every time, because it can embroider on roll of cloth. Compared with the Quilting machine, it can embroider pattern that quilting cannot do. Compared with the Quilting & Embroidery machine, it can quilt and embroider on very thin material Options: sequin device, twin sequin device, cording device, tracing cording device Production variety: garments, curtain, gauze, etc. Especially for continuous embroidered fabrics products

    Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co.,Ltd.  


  • Sell seamless fusing machine belt

    teflon Seamless fusing machine belt with the use of high-strength glass fibre yarn fire Kafra compilation by the round-shaped fabric weaving equipment, a unique technology of Teflon coated cover made of resin. He overcome previous conveyor belt interface connections are prone to fracture the perimeter of the phenomenon, the connection does not cause go line poor stability, divergence, and so on. Seamless adhesive tape operation life than any of Teflon conveyor belt life to more than 3 times as long. Product features: 1: heat-resistant and strong resistance and resistance. 2: good tensile strength, deviate. 3: good static performance resistance. 4: more suitable surface super-thin bonded. 5: bending fatigue strength, durability and long life. Factory outlets welcome order.

    Taizhou Ruijie Conveyor Belt Co.,Ltd  


  • Sell Teflon Coated Fibglass Fabric

    Applications of PTFE fiberglass fabric: 1. used as various of liners to resist high temperature, such as microwave liner, oven liner, or other liners. 2. used as non stick liners, intermediate 3. used as covering or wrapping material in petroleum, chemical industries, as wrapping material, insulating material, high temperature resistance material in electrical industries, desulfurizing material in power plant etc 4. used as various conveyer belts, fusing belts, sealing belts or anywhere need resisting high temperature, non stick, chemical resistance etc.

    Taizhou Ruijie Conveyor Belt Co.,Ltd  


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