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  • Sell PP Hevy Woven Fabric Circular Looms

    Features: These looms are designed for making high denier&high density heavy woven fabric suitable for making PP, PE heavy bags(tocarry contents of a ton or more). These excellent looms are equipped with 6,8 and 12 shuttles, with maximum width up to 20 feet. Therefore, these looms can easily weave tarpaulin jumbo bag&woven geotextile of outstanding quality. Working range from 90 - 305 cm/180 - 610 cm unfold width Flat yarn applicable weaving denier from 750 - 2000 denier Special request:1000 - 6000 denier Fabric weight per square meter from 70g - 250g Special request:90 - 500g Optional device: Frequency inverter for controlling machine speed Gusseting unit for jumbo bag industry Center unfold unit for tarpaulin or woven geotextile industry Both side slitting device for cement bag or jumbo bag industry

    Hao Yu Precision Machinery Industry  


  • Sell Six-Shuttle Circular Loom

    Features: 1) Has six shuttles, with the rotational speed of the main engine exceeding 150r/min; its weaving speed is 60% faster than four shuttle circular looms 2) Shuttle wheels are driven in advanced rolling-column style so as to improve their rotational speed and realize high speed weaving 3) The double curve line cam, nylon slipping block and palm slipping pole are linked to the drive and lubricated by oil; thereby reducing wear and tear and saving on maintenance expenses 4) Shows an alarm and stops automatically when the weft or warp is broken 5) Microcomputer controlled so as to count automatically and display digitally 6) Stabilizes warp tension to produce PP woven bags with good quality surfaces 7) Rolling-column style six-shuttle plastic circular looms will replace four-shuttle plastic circular looms and become the main equipment for producing PP woven bags

    Wenzhou HengYi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell High-speed Six-Shuttle Circular Loom

    High-Speed Small-Sized Six-Shuttle Circular Loom is a new-type circular loom developed and manufacture by our factory. It characteristics are that it improves the picking numbers in unit time displace the traditional four-shuttles in order to boost the weaving speed. The speed improves 30~50% than it of the four-shuttle circular loom. Seeing from the developing trend, there are two types of the high-speed small-sized six-stuttle circular loom, the up-and-down reciprocating shaft type and band type. The moving manner of shuttle board is roliling friction. There into the band type small-sized six-shuttle circular loom(YF-YZJ-6/900G) adopts single-curve cam, withdrawing the slipper oil lubricating system and avoiding the condition of oil leaking to make the production environment much cleaner.The machine of this type maintain easily,and most of easy-broken of four shuttle loom are also used suitable for six shuttles loom, this type circular loom is with advanced technology and high capacity.

    Zhejiang Yanfeng Plastic Machinery General Factory  


  • Sell DD758 rapier loom

    USAGE:DD758 Series Rapier Loom is mainly used to weave natural fiber(cotton, wool, hemp), artificial fibers, fancy yarns and chenille yarns into light, medium and heavy fabrics. SPECIFICATIONS:This product can meet with the requirement of the textile market for it has the best performance-price ratio. This product is controlled by transfer-pro- grammed controller(PLC), and equipped with automatic weft hunting device, automatic stop device when the weft is broken as well as semi- automatic oil supply device. Stable performance, low noise, easy to operation and maintenance, pretty outer appearance and wide appilcation range are its features.

    Zhuji Dading Imp.& Exp.Trade Company  


  • Sell SGT-323 weft feeder

    SGT-323 weft feeder with mirco-processor control is designed to be used on rapier looms and projectile looms for feeding weft yarn. Features: ★ Simply and fine mold, compact and convinent structure. ★ Auto-control with miro-processor, speed of weft feeder track the loom automatically. ★ It has new-style intellect accumulating yarn and inspecting sensor system, to be displayed if the feed yarn broken and adjust quantity of weft feeded automatically to be in a reasonable status. ★ It will decrease the tension of yarn during the leading-yarn due to leading-yarn angle to 135?so this device is suitable for different kinds of yarn and different yarn ranges generally, even the speed and effect will be not affected for the extreme thin yarn. ★ A real winding drum, strong power and lower consumption drive without treating. ★ The interval of winding can be adjusted continually(0.5~2mm), the weft feeding speed is to 1400m/min. ★ Winding change from S to Z and vice versa. ★ Yarn range: 5tex ~65tex ★ Weft feeding speed of a feeder unit: 200m/min~1400m/min ★ Average consumption of a feeder unit: 90W ★ Control box can be connected 1 to 6 feeder unit. ★ Power:3N~380V?0%, 50HZ. ★ Size of a feeder unit: length 356mm, width 170mm, height 210mm.



  • Sell used Textile and Weaving machinery

    We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading company specialized in the sales of used Textile and Weaving machinery. We are pleased to offer you the following used weaving looms which we have bought & would like to resell subject to remaining unsold. 1.20 sets of PICANOL OMNI air jet 2. 54 sets of PICANOL OMNI air jet 3. 8 sets of VAMATEX P1001 4. 10 sets of SOMET SM93 5. 6 sets of SOMET THEMA 11E 104 6. 12 sets of SOMET SM92 7. 32 sets of SULZER G6100 8. 2 sets of SULZER TW11 D12 projectile 9. 2 sets of SULZER P7200 K3 projectile ** Photos and Price are available upon request ** We are the real owner and can offer you the best price upon your request. Pls feel free to contact us for any further information and requirements.



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