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    zhejiang golden eagle co.,ltd is from zhejiang china.it is a manufacture of linen yarn. our raw material is from france and belgium. The quality of yarn is good for italy market. We export yarn to European market well, also india and russia. we are attaching importance to expand the european market now. and hope establish new stable business relationship with you!



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    ramie yarn linen yarn ramie/cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn 1:100%ramie yarn: 7.5Nm 9.5Nm 15Nm 18Nm 21Nm 23Nm 24Nm 28Nm 32Nm 36Nm 48Nm 54Nm 60Nm 2:necked ramie yarn: 4.5s 6s 7s 9s 10s. 3:ramie/cotton blended yarn : a: OE spinning types yarn: 5.5s. 6s 7s 9s 10s 12s b: ring-spun types yarn: 11s/1 11s/2 16s/1 16s/2 21s/1 21s/2 30s/1 30s/2 4:linen yarn; 5.5s 6s 7s 8s 9s 10s 11s 12s 20s 5:linen/cotton blended yarn: L/C55/45: a:OE spinning type yarn: 6s 7s 10s 12s b:ring-spun type yarn: 10s 15s 21s 30s 6:cotton yarn and poly/cotton blended yarn: a:cotton OE spinning type yarn: 7s. 10s. 12s. 14s. b:cotton ring-spun types yarn: 16s 21s/1 21s/2 32s/1 32s/2 40s/1 50s/1 c:poly/cotton(T/C) blended yarn :T/C (65/35) carded yarn 21s/1 32s/1 40s/1 45s/1 d:poly/cotton(T/C) blended yarn: T/C(65/35)combed yarn: 21s/1. 32s/1 40s/1 45s/1. e:combed CVC 60/40 yarn: 21s/1 26s/1 32s/1 40s/1.

    Xingye-Tex Industrial Co., Ltd.  


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