• Sell endless round sling

    lift sling net belt group produce endless round sling,round sling with eyes,polyester round sling,webbing sling,cargo net,nylon rope,lifting beam,wire rope sling,climbing net,climbing rope

    Lift Sling Net Belt Factory  


  • Sell 100% Acrylic Flame Retardant Staple Fiber

    1.Material: 100% Acrylic 2.Type:Acrylic Staple Fiber 3.Feature: Flame Retardant Fiber 4.Spc:1.5D~38MM,1.5D~88MM,1.5D~112MM the Best Quality, the Cheapest Price, the Best Service 100%Acrylic Flame Retardant Staple Fiber Material 100%Acrylic Color RW& Dyed Type Flame Retardant Staple Fiber LOI 32~38 Spec 1.5D*38MM,1.5D*88MM,1.5D*112MM;1.5D~8.0MM Length 38~88MM Feature Flame Retardant Staple Fiber, We can dyed all sorts of color Packing PP Packing,50kg/bag Flame retardant series product is our company features of products.We also provide : 100%Acrylic Flame Retardant Staple Fiber 1.5D*38MM 1.5D*88MM 1.5D*112MM 1.5~8.0D 100%Acrylic Flame Retardant Yarn 16~32Ne,Non-bulk LOI>32 100%Acrylic HT Flame Retardant FDY 8~32Ne, Non-bulk LOI>32 Tenacity>6.0g/d Polyester Flame Retardant Fiber 8~32Ne, Non-bulk LOI>28 Polyester HT Flame Retardant FDY 50~300D LOI>28 Acrylic/Cotton Blended Flame Retardant Yarn 12~21Ne (Acrylic60%+Cotton40%) LOI>28 Acrylic/Polyester Blended HT Flame Retardant Yarn 8~21Ne (Acrylic72%+Polyester28%) LOI:28~32 Tenacity>6.0g/d

    Handan Jinteng Trading Co. Ltd  


  • Sell Nonwoven

    1>delivery:within two weeks 2>FOB prices:1.45~1.80$/kg 3>width :1.6m 4>all colors available

    Changle Heng Hua Plastic Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell polyester yarn DTY POY FDY

    POY-SEMI DULL-RW 150D/48F 150D/72F 125D/96F 125D/48F 100D/96F 100/72F 100D/48F 100D/36F 75D/72F 75D/48F 75D/36F 68D/48F 50D/48F 150D/144F 200D/144F 250D/144F POY- BRIGH-RW 300D/96F 200D/96F 150D/48F 100D/36F 100D/48F 75D/48F 75D/36F 300D/144F 150D/144F 200D/144F 250D/144F POY-CATIONIC -RW 300D/96F 250D/96F 200D/72F 150D/48F 140D/48F 125D/48F 100D/48F 75D/36F 50D/36F 150D/144F 200D/144F 250D/144F 300D/144F 300D/288F POY- DOPE DYED BLACK-SD 200D/72F 150D/72F 150D/48F 125D/48F 100D/48F 100D/36F 75D/36F 50D/36F 40D/36F OTHER COLOR AVAIABLE DTY-SD-RW-NIM-2H 50D/36F 75D/36F 75D/48F 75D/72F 100D/36F 100D/48F 100D/72F 100D/144F 125D/48F 150D/48F 150D/72F 150D/96F 150D/144F 200D/96F 200D/144F 250D/96F 250D/144F 250D/288F 300D/96F 300D/144F 300D/288F 450D/96F DTY- CATIONIC -RW-NIM-2H 50D/36F 75D/36F 75D/48F 75D/72F 100D/36F 100D/48F 100D/72F 100D/144F 125D/48F 150D/48F 150D/72F 150D/96F 150D/144F 200D/96F 200D/144F 250D/96F 250D/144F 250D/288F 300D/96F 300D/144F 300D/288F 450D/96F DTY- BRIGH-RW-NIM -2H 300D/96F 200D/96F 150D/48F 110D/36F 110D/48F 100D/48F 75D/36F 50D/36F 150D/144F 200D/144F 250D/144F 300D/144F DTY- DOPE DYED BLACK-NIM-2H 50D/36F 75D/48F 75D/36F 100D/36F 150D/36F 150D/48F 125D/48F 200D/96F 100D/48F 250D/96F 250D/48F 300D/96F 150D/144F 200D/144F 250D/144F 300D/144F DTY -1H 300D/96F(BALCK INM) 300D/72F(BLACK INM) 150D/48F(RW NIM) FDY 300D/96F 250D/96F 200D/72F 150D/48F 140D/48F 125D/48F 100D/48F 75D/36F 50D/36F Spandex 35D and 40D Spandex coving

    Xingfa Group  


  • Sell viscose product

    We are a main manufacture of the viscose products and linter pulp in China since 2005. We can offer top “A” quality goods on competitive prices. Our company name is Henan Haiyang Chemical Fiber Group Co.,Ltd which is located in the high-tech industrial development zone and includes eight subsidiary company. Our products include many domains such as textile, Chemical fiber and chemical fertilizer. The web is www.hyfiber.com.cn.Now the Chemical fiber product as following: Product introduction 1. Viscose staple fiber: Specification: 1.5D*38mm nonflammable fiber bamboo fiber These products mainly used to made yarn, they can be used pured or mixed with other fiber for example cottom, polyester. They have excellent spinnability. 2.viscose filament yarn Specification: 120D/30F 150D/30F 300D/30F These products not only can be directly used to weave fabric but also can be used as stitch yarn through two or more twist. 3. viscose tow Specification: 1.0D 1.5D These product can be used in the flocking and other fields.

    Henan Haiyang Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell spray up roving

    Sprays up Roving Sprays up Roving are especially designed excellent performance for spray-up molding of fiberglass reinforced thermoset. Easy chopping. Uniform/flat lay down on the mold. Good wetting. Easy roll-out and air release. Low static. Excellent mechanical properties.

    Hengshui Yixing Fiberglass Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell pp spunbonded nonwoven

    Our company is a forneign-capital enterprise with total investment of over US$10 million. We occupy an area of 23,000square meters, and has a 25,000 square meter workshop. Currnetly we have more than 700 workers, with powerful technical strength, abundant capital, and advanced production equitpment, the company抯 best-selling products are pp non-woven fabrics which there are various colors for your choice and widely used in many areas such as apparel, shoes, daily articles, medical, industry and etc.

    Dongyuan Nonwoven Cloth Co., Ltd.  


  • Sell Polyester POY/ FDY / DTY

    Our company belongs to Zhejiang Materials Industry(ZMI) Group Corp., which is one of the 20 large scale logistics enterprises cultivated by Chinese government with emphasis, and 60th place of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises Rank and 2nd place of Top 500 Zhejiang Enterprises Rank in 2006.The estimated sales income of 2006 is 2.4 billion RMB. The company mainly deals in polyester fiber raw materials, organic industrial chemicals. The company has formed a good relationship with petrochemical companies at home and abroad. At present, we has established a strategic alliance with the native Polyester Fibre Factory. we have a lot of advantages both in importing the raw materials of Polyester Fiber and exporting the the POY&FDY&DTY. Now, we can supply POY / FDY /DTY SD RW from 50D ~ 300D. If you have interests, pls contact us with no hesitate. Waiting for your early reply.

    Zhejiang Materials Industry Chemical Group Co., Ltd.  


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