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  • The cotton industry of Greece is in crisis and to resolve it, the country? farmers unions have presented two proposals on resolving a crisisafflicting the sector.The proposals have been sent to the state's legal council for evaluation, Agricultural Development and Foods Minister Evangelos Basiakos said on Monday.While, one of the proposals appeared to be incompatible with European Union law, and the other was totally incompatible with both EU and national law, the minister said.
  • El Salvador could be the first victim of the post-quota era after its apparel exports to the United States dramatically fell in October and November, according to latest US statistics. The tiny country is rapidly losing ground in major category 352 (cotton underwear), due to a fall in the US market added to a surge in imports from Asia. Although difficulties currently faced by El Salvador are not a surprise, the decrease in sales to the United States is much more significant than expected. US
  • About the show International Fur & Fashion Frankfurt show the most promising trends and collections in fur, leather and combinations of materials for the upcoming season. Fur, leather plus fashion combination: International trends with their latest range of products. In addition to furs, leather for clothing, designs, accessories and special services, the dressing and dyeing industry will show its forward-looking innovations. Venue Frankfurt Fair grounds Marketing Manager
  • The benefits of the post MFA era are yet to be reaped but the nation has begun attracting investors from Taiwan, China and Korea in the garment and textile, who have foreseen the signing of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).As per the agreement both countries agreed to eliminate immediately tariffs on almost all textiles and apparels.This was revealed by Garments and Textile Export Board (GTEB) executive director Serafin Juliano. The JPEPA signed by Japan Minister Juni
  • Scotland's luxury cashmere producers are assembling a programme of high profile overseas promotions in a bid to secure millions of pounds of new business following the abolition of export quotas. The textile industry, far from capitulating in the face of massive competition from foreign manufacturers, is convinced it can cash in by selling its top quality Made-in- Scotland products to wealthy Russians, Chinese and South Americans. In one of the boldest initiatives so far, about 20 textile busine
  • It? the bumper cotton harvest that is pulling down prices besides temporary cash shortages among spinning mills and exports in a flux, says veteran market observer. Year 2004 saw the nation reap a record 6.32 million tons of cotton, which was 4.86 million in the year 2003. Commenting on the cotton prices Gao Fang, secretary-general of China Cotton Association (CCA) said, "Prices will continue lingering around at a low level before the domestic growing season comes in April." Chinese cotton infor
  • Date: April 5~8, 2005 Venue: HIECC, Hochiminh City, Vietnam Endorsed by: Ministry of Industry of Vietnam VITAS-Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association(www.vntextile.com) Jointly organized by: Vinatex-Vietnam National Textile-Garment Corp.(www.vinatex.com ) Organized by: Hochiminh City: Hanoi: 10 Nguyen Hue St, Dist 1 25 Ba Trieu Str, Hoan Kiem Dist Tel: (84) 8-829 7352 Tel: (84) 4-826 5898 Fax: (84) 8-829 2349 Fax: (84) 4-826 2269 Email: vinatex@hcm.vnn.vn Email: Vinatexhn@
  • Labeling Nepali carpets was among the issues that cropped up during the meeting between Nepal? Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Ishwar Pokharel and the German Federal Deputy Minister for Economy and Labour Karl Brauner in Berlin, today. Promoting business and investment between the two countries was the focus of the talks, officials said. Deputy Minister Brauner said that German government was willing to increase the volume of German investment in Nepal and give continuity in providi
  • In a bid to tap overseas markets, specifically Russia, China and South America, in that order, luxury cashmere producers of Scotland are staging a two-day exhibition at Ararat Park Hyatt, Moscow, Russia.The idea is to promote Made-in-Scotland products to wealthy Russians, Chinese and South Americans. About 20 textile businesses have embarked on an ambitious program that will see attendance from Russia's leading fashion buyers. Speaking about the Russian market, Kirsty Scott, the national textile
  • Apparel from a series of Asian countries could be offered a reduction in EU and US tariffs after the tsunami devastated parts of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Maldives Islands at the end of last month. EU could accelerate implementation of its new GSP schemes that will offer relaxed rules of origin to clothing exporters in a large number of developing nations. A bill will also be introduced in the US Congress in early February requesting a duty-free access to the US market for a seri
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