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  • Polymer Group, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: POLGA; POLGB) announced it will increase prices on its products globally due to significantly higher raw material costs. Price increases from suppliers to PGI continue to rise this year as oil prices reach record highs. The company experienced increases of more than 50 percent last year on certain petroleum-based raw materials that are key components of its nonwoven products. In addition, PGI has been impacted by higher costs of polypropylene, the com
  • About the show International Fashion Fabric Exhibition is the largest textile, trim and leather show in North America, newly expanded this season to feature a most comprehensive array of Spring/Summer 2006 Collections. It is the unique opportunity to find cutting-edge domestic and international resources including Fabric & Trim, Leather & Suede, Fiber, Print Designs, New Design Technology, Fashion Publications, Trend Services. Venue Jacob Javits Center Project Director
  • In an upward trend, majority of the industrial sectors which included cotton cloth, yarns, paper and other industries registered a combined total increase of 13.91 percent during first seven months of the current fiscal as compared to the same period last year. As per the figures released for July-January 2004-05, of the total 39 industrial items, 24 registered handsome increases in the production while 15 others showed slight decrease in their production during.Data collected and reported by th
  • EU and US will not immediately re-impose quotas on apparel imports from China, although shipments are spectacularly surging. EU's Trade Commissioner Tuesday made it clear that Europe will wait longer before taking any safeguard measure while the US administration is still barred from any action by a legal procedure. Textile and apparel exports from China may boom in the coming months, but EU and US administrations will be long in imposing new limits. "Not going back to the old quota system"
  • Cotton prices stabilized in China in the past week after surging in the prior period. The low level in stocks and an urgent need for cotton could result in higher cotton prices in the short term, however. Cotton futures continued rising in Zhengzhou, although less sharply than in prior week. Cotton prices did not further increase in China in the past week. Average 328 grade only gained 11 yuan per ton or 0.09%, reflecting a rise to 12,039 yuan on Friday before the main indicator in China retr
  • The European Union could impose additional anti-dumping duties up to 80% on imports of polyester staple fibers from China, EU's Commission just proposed following a 1-Year investigation. Duties of 21% on PSF imports from Saudi Arabia were also suggested. Taiwanese fibers would no more be punished while duties on Korean PSF could be lowered. Brussels is going to suddenly put an end to China's threat on EU's market for polyester staple fibers. EU's Council of Ministers will have to decide Afte
  • This season, reports indicate sharp decline in the arrival of jute from Bangladesh, via official and non-official channels.For years now, Bangladesh was a leading supplier of traditional jute but could send barely 200,000 bales against yearly average availability of 6-700,000 bales.Media sources indicate fall in the jute output of Bangladesh resulting in less arrivals from there during the current 2004-05 season.They say Bangladesh was facing acute shortage in availability of fibre within the co
  • The EU and Ukraine have today signed a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on trade in textiles. Under this agreement, the last remaining restrictions to trade in textiles and clothing products will be lifted, and both sides agree to matching low levels of customs duties. Although quantitative restrictions were already lifted in early 2001, the agreement ends import and export licensing requirements for all textiles and clothing products. EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said: "This agreem
  • Legislation is underway to regulate the textile industry, according to Textile Minister Mr Shankersinh Vaghela who informed the Rajya Sabha today.To safeguard the interests of the domestic industry,in a written reply the Minister informed, "The Government is in the process of formulating a legislation, which would, inter-alia, protect the interests of domestic textile industry and the consumers by prescribing markings on domestically produced and imported textiles." Relying to a starred question
  • About the show The 30th International Fur Fair of Kastoria is a favourite in the fashion shows of all large and famous fashion houses worldwide, and a must-have article for every modern wardrobe and are renowned in the international fur market. Buyers attending the fair are expected from Italy, the US, Spain, France, Russia, Canada, England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Denmark, New Zealand, Hungary, Finland and Greece. Venue Exhibition and Auction Fur Center Marketing Manage
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