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  • Staggering from Hong Kong's decades- long industrial downturn, labor leaders capitulated Tuesday to demands by manufacturers to import low-wage textile workers from the mainland. In return, employers agreed for the first time to impose minimum wages in specific cases. The Labour Advisory Board, a 12- strong policy unit composed equally of employer and employee representatives, agreed to a government proposal to import up to 5,000 mainland textile and garment workers on a minimum wage of HK$2
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China surged by almost 50 percent to 3.59 billion US dollars in January of this year, the China Daily reported Tuesday. Contracted foreign investment, an indicator of future trends, jumped 65.34 percent year-on-year in January to 9.24 billion US dollars, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) said in a statement Monday. China drew a record of 52.7 billion US dollars in foreign direct investment last year as more foreign businesses tappe
  • 2003-02-26 To further penetrate the Chinese mainland market, a large-scale trade show promoting Hong Kong brands and focussing on garment and fashion accessories will be held in Beijing from March 25-28. The Style Hong Kong promotion will reinforce the quality of Hong Kong brands with a lavish exhibition of fashion accessories, leather goods, timepieces and footwear. Also featured will be 13 fashion parades, eight mini-catwalks, product demonstrations, seminars and nearly 30 brand presentations.
  • Shanghai Three Gun (Group) Co Ltd, one of China's largest producers of knitted underwear, is seeking overseas partners to help it grow. This move is likely to lead to a flurry of activity to attract more foreign firms to help upgrade the city's textile industry. Three Gun is now in contact with the Chicago-based Sara Lee Corp, a global consumer packed goods company that boasts underwear as one of its core businesses. It wants to extend the two firms' current product-focused cooperation, hopefull
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