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  • The main production and operation of Keqiao Zuilan Textile is baby fabric.Keqiao Zuilan Textile has carved a place in China Textile City because of its fighting spirit, unique printing and dyeing process and creative pattern design.With the help of Globaltextiles, Zuilan Textile hopes to further expand sales channels and attract more customers to make up for the previous losses because of theepidemic.
  • QFC lauched many online products due to the epidemic in 2020.There were129 textile lectures, 146 live streams of suppliers, 55 online launches and 14 online exhibitions on QFC in 2020. The dealof QFC was60.705 billion yuan in 2020, up by 15.28% on a year-on-year basis. QFC willcontinue to cooperate with the upgrade of wisdom management of China Textile City's markets, focuse on providing service withhouseholds inChina Textile City, displayChina Textile City's markets in all ways, build m
  • AMSTERDAM – Dutch fashion-tech company Renoon, which has an e-commerce platform enabling customers to search for apparel using various sustainability filters, has launched a new website and app.The company’s offering allows users to curate clothes shopping based on the materials used, whether they’re carbon-neutral, vegan, second-hand, rental or blockchain-traced to streamline the shopping experience for conscious consumers.“Changing the world as an individual is difficult, but with the right to
  • Tamil Nadu recently announced its newIndustrial Policy 2021to attract investments worth about ₹10 trillion and generate employment for two million by 2025. The policy also aims to raise the contribution of the manufacturing sector to 30 per cent of the state's economy by 2030. The state also announced its Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Policy 2021.Pic: ShutterstockThe Industrial policy 2021 aims to achieve an annual growth rate of 15 per cent in manufacturing, state chief secreta
  • Investors from Uzbekistan’s Namangan province recently announced to invest in the textile sector Pakistan’s of Punjab province. Full Uzbek technical assistance will also be offered to Pakistan to raise cotton production. The announcement came during Punjab governor Chaudhry Sarwar’s visit to Uzbekistan with a business delegation.Pic: ShutterstockA delegation of Uzbek agronomists will soon visit Punjab, according to Pakistani media reports.The delegation members included Gohar Ijaz, head of the A
  • COVID-19 pandemic never allowed major apparel markets in 2020 to get stable which resulted in heavy decline in their import values.The recent official data of US apparel import in 2020 resonates the same as the country is down by 23.46 per cent in import value.USA imported US $ 64.07 billion worth of apparels in 2020, contracting by US $ 17.60 billion from 2019. This sharp shrinkage in values affected partner countries of USA and all major shippers were down in double-digits, except Vietnam whic
  • Nordic lifestyle brand ARKET will begin offering products from its children’s collection for rent through a new partnership with Amsterdam-based online shop and clothing subscription Circos. From 28 January 2021, a broad selection of ARKET designs can be rented either individually or as part of an edited bundle of clothes on circos.co, delivered directly to the door.“We’re really happy to be able to give our customers the possibility to share products with other families and proud to join Circos
  • NORTH SHIELDS - Some textile recyclers in Britain are struggling to export used clothes to Europe over confusion caused by the UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) outlined in Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.Some countries are refusing to accept used clothes for reuse or recycling because they believe they should face tariffs as many were not originally manufactured in Britain.One textile recycler, ECS Textiles at North Shields, says its business has ground to a halt be
  • Hyosung, a comprehensive fibre manufacturer that produces world-class products, providing innovation and solutions to the textile industry, will highlight its sustainable stretch and multi-fibre solutions to include its GRS-certified creora® regen elastane and Mipan® regen nylon both made with 100% reclaimed waste, along with its regen polyester made from 100% post-consumer waste. Hyosung will also present the expansion of its multi-functional 100% recycled fibre offering to include:regen askin
  • Nexia & De Franceschi is an Italian group, leader for the production of excellent washing and dyeing industrial machines of garment finishing since 1871, point of reference for industrial laundries, major industries, hospitals, hotels and textile industry. All our products are made in Italy and provided with the Green Label, document that aims to identify the energy and environmental performance of textile machinery.Figure 1: Nexia NS 420.Nexia Engineering is now proud to announce the arriva
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