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  • Automation in Garment Manufacturing offers efficient and inclusive insights into this complicated process. The term automation is defined as the use of equipment and machinery to make the production process easier and more efficient. Textiles such as cloth, yarn, cotton, and other fabrics have been made easier to produce with the introduction of automation, thanks to automation.Figure 1: Automation in Garment Manufacturing offers efficient and inclusive insights into this complicated process.Aut
  • Global footwear market was unprecedentedly dented during the COVID-19 pandemic years, as lockdown and new normal of Work from Home (WFH), and deeper penetration of e-commerce reduced need for people to step out. Around 14 per cent of the footwear market wiped out due to the effect, and the market is not expected to cross the 2019 level before 2023.In 2019, a total of 24,016.88 million pairs of footwear were sold in the world, which reduced to 20,399.93 million pairs in 2020. Thus, around 14 per
  • IntroductionBangladesh is situated in the Southeastern part of the Indo-Pak Sub Continent. Due to its favourable geographical conditions, animal leather is of very high grade and quality. Bangladeshi leather is widely known around the world for its high qualities of fine grain, uniform fibre structure, smooth feel, and also natural texture.Figure: Bangladeshi leather is widely known around the world for its high qualities of fine grain, uniform fibre structure, smooth feel, and also natural text
  • China's monthly trade surplusrose to a record $97.9 billion in June as export growth accelerated after the easing of COVID-19 control measures that temporarily shut down Shanghai and hit trade. Exports rose by 17.9 per cent to $331.2 billion, up from May's 16.9 per cent, according to customs data. Imports rose by 1 per cent to $233.3 billion, implying weak domestic demand.With close to nil growth in imports, China's global trade surplus swelled by 90 per cent compared with a year ago
  • Spot buying from weaving industry was still very weak in polyester-cotton yarn and polyester yarn market. Recycled PC yarn prices registered a declining trend as prices dropped by ₹10 per kg. However, most counts and varieties of virgin PC yarn were sold at last prices. According to trade sources, many spinning mills may further cut production.“The market is not getting any sign of improvement in demand. Demand remained very weak as buyers do not want to take risk in current volatile market,” a
  • China is anticipated to witness a significant rebound in economic growth in the second half of the year (H2) after approved stimulus policy measures take effect, according to China’s Premier. However, rising consumer inflation may cause obstacles to the country’s economic growth. China’s government is taking steps to maintain the overall prices within an acceptable range.“China's economic operation has been through an unusual journey since the start of this year,” said Premier Li Keqiang at
  • UK-based recycling innovator,Worn Again Technologies(WAT) has launched a new recycling network- Swiss Textile Recycling Ecosystem.This project will assist the formation of a circular economy based on WAT Technologies’ unique polymer recycling technology.Figure: The consortium will be composed of WAT’s main shareholders, Sulzer, Oerlikon andH&M Group.To achieve full circularity and trigger a paradigm change in the fashion business, all parts of the value chain must be on the same page and wor
  • The prices of polyester-cotton yarn and polyester yarn dropped further today in Indian markets because of oversupply and sluggish demand. Polyester and blended yarn prices slumped ₹5-15 per kg in Ludhiana. Prices of PTA, monoethylene glycol (MEG) and polyester staple fibre (PSF) came down after continued pressure on crude oil, according to traders.A Ludhiana based trader toldFibre2Fashion,“There was glut situation of blended and polyester yarn supplies because many spinners have shifted to non-c
  • The garment industry of China witnessed a growth of 6.1 per cent year-on-year (YoY) in the operating revenue during the first five months of this year. About 13,053 major apparel companies of the country collectively generated a revenue of 561.1 billion yuan (about $83.9 billion) between January and May 2022, as per the ministry of industry and information technology.The country’s exports of garments and accessories increased by 10.2 per cent between January and May to reach $62.2 billion. Howev
  • UK-based biomaterials startupModern Synthesishas raised $4.1 million in seed funding to support its microbial textile platform that aims to make the fashion industry more sustainable.Shoe prototype in the lab by Modern Synthesis. Image credit: Modern SynthesisModern Synthesis’ microbial textile tech leverages bacteria to transform sugar from agricultural waste into nanocellulose, which is a biodegradable material valued for its abundance and its strength. The goal is to replace animal- and petro
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