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Wrangler expands its Rooted Collection range with 100% traceable cotton

Published: 2022-03-22

American fashion retailer, Wrangler® has expanded its Rooted Collection™, a collection of jeans and shirts that are grown, cut, and sewn in the United States. The business has developed men's and women's jeans made entirely of sustainable cotton grown in the United States, as well as state-specific jeans for Alabama, California, North Carolina, and Texas for Spring '22. The objective of the collection is three-fold: to celebrate local farmers, encourage sustainable farming techniques, and highlight the quality of American craftsmanship.

All cotton in the collection is traceable to individual farms in each jean's respective state, which were selected for the program due to their commitment to responsible land stewardship practices, contributing to the brand's goal of 100 percent sustainable cotton usage by 2025 as part of its WeCare Wrangler™ platform. Martin Family Farm (Alabama), Tri T Farms (California), Buie Family Farm (North Carolina), and Vanderman Farms are among the participating farms (Texas).

Every state jean in the Wrangler Rooted Collection® has modest yet timeless details like custom metal shanks, rivets, patches, and pocket prints that are specific to that state. Each farmer's name and signature are highlighted with a bespoke stamp on the pocket lining, while the other side pays tribute to their diligent work ethic and responsible land stewardship.

The firm is also releasing sustainable t-shirts for thirteen different states, including Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Texas, as well as other USA-inspired designs.

Allen Montgomery, vice president Wrangler NAM western and workwear, said that from beginning to end, their approach to this collection mirrors farmers' attitudes toward the earth: responsible, respectful, and anchored in American soil. The Rooted Collection's mission is to recognize American farmers while also promoting traceability and sustainable farming practices such as soil health, water conservation, and regenerative agriculture.