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Wool and Wood Festival on January 22,2005 (Australia)

Published: 2005-01-13
With Australians giving their all to help survivors of the devastating tsunami, there is no better time to show our pride in our country and get in and celebrate Australia Day with all of our enthusiasm.

Of course locally this means coming along to the Wool and Wood Festival on January 22, with the Bombala Apex Club once again hard at work preparing a great community day of entertainment.

Naturally the name of the event describes the main focus of our Australia Day celebrations, with crowds flocking to the Exhibition Ground from 9am onwards to take in all of the action of the shearing competition and woodchops.

Here we see the highest skilled shearers in the region coming together to battle it out, with eager spectators barracking our locals on as they pit their talents against those from away.

While the very best of the best can be seen at work throughout the day, the event also proves the perfect way to introduce upcoming talents in the industry, with tough and enthusiastic competition to be seen all round.

As the wool piles up and the cheers get louder, the very best axemen of the area will also line up against our acclaimed local woodchoppers, with established talents and new comers alike being on show.

While the axemen tackle everything from the underhand chop, standing block and the challenging tree felling events, spectators will barely know which way to turn, with the woodchops and shearing alike providing gripping viewing.

Nothing could be more Australian then barracking the local boys on in the shearing shed and atop the wood blocks, but there's plenty more to see and do at the Wool and Wood Festival, with activities and displays to be found as far as the eye can see.

Two of these will compliment the 'wool and wood' theme perfectly on the day, with the first being a yarn spinning demonstration presented by Mary Nightingale.

Wool and wood aside, however, there will be even more to see, with festivalgoers checking out stalls being presented by several local groups, including our specialty producers who will be only too happy to give a glimpse into their own expanding fields.

Local craftspeople too will have some wares to show off on the day, while the males of the crowd may be more interested in checking out the amazing old engines which the Historical Engine and Machinery Society will bring along for the festival.

If you want to know more about this somewhat cryptic activity, then all you need to do is come along with three of your friends, young or old, male or female, and see what the Apex Club has in store for you at this year's Wool and Wood Festival, January 22.