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Viscose fibre markets continue to trend weak

Published: 2013-12-02


Viscose textile markets in Asia continued to remain on the weaker trend and discussions mostly softened in China in the viscose staple fibre segment with downstream players still consuming raw material inventory amid bearish yarn market. Some spinners even reduced buying and were seeking lower priced goods amid the sluggish sentiment.


VSF prices were stable to soft in India and Pakistan, while major producers insisted on trading prices. In the viscose filament markets, prices remained unchanged but buyers’ interest was seen declining rapidly on sluggish terminal market sentiment. VFY prices rolled over in India despite weakening demand in export demand as no firm trades were heard. It is likely that downstream spinners will start buying in coming week and the markets will see an increase in trading volume but prices will remain soft.


In China, mainstream prices for high-end VSF went down US cents 2 a kg last week to US$2.12-2.15 a kg, while discussions and the low end goods were at US$2.04-2.05 a kg. India VSF prices were steady at US$2.16-2.27 a kg while in Pakistan, 1.5D VSF prices was heard traded at US$2.18 a kg in the Karachi market.


VFY 120D first-class products were offered at US$5.87-5.95 a kg in China and wider range for firm discussions were at US$5.21-5.78 a kg. In India, 100D bright VFY was pegged US$6.32-6.35 a kg, while 450D was stable at US$3.90-3.94 a kg.


In the spun viscose yarn market, prices were weak but transactions for 10s and 30s were passable, while prices for a few specs slipped. In China, sirospun rayon yarn of 30s and compact sirospun rayon yarn of 40s were pegged US$3.18 a kg and US$3.58-3.67 a kg, respectively. In India, export price for 30/1 was at US$2.55 a kg while 40/1 was pegged at US$2.80 a kg. Similarly, 30s spun viscose yarn in Pakistan was pegged at US$3.54 a kg and 40s at US$3.70 a kg.


Source: YNFX.