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Ventile introduces two new fabrics in its Eco range

Published: 2021-06-18

Swiss textile manufacturer Ventile, the brand known for its performance textiles is launching two new fabrics this summer as part of its growing Eco range.

Building on its inaugural recycled cotton collection in 2018, the company has expanded the collection to include the Eco Recycled 430 and 420, a higher-weight contrasting-weave 100 percent recycled cotton fabric that is unlike anything else the brand has made previously.

The Ventile Eco 420 and Ventile Eco 430 are machine washable 100% recycled cotton textiles that push the boundaries of what can be done with coarse recycled yarns. The higher-weight, contrasting weaves utilized in the fabric are unlike anything else the business has done previously.

The fabric's rigid qualities and machine washability are achieved by combining a coarse, heavier-weight recycled yarn with weaving processes known as a 'Twill' weave and a 'Panama' weave. Both the 420 and 430 have been tested to 300mm pressure under a hydrostatic head test.

Both the 420 and 430 are manufactured entirely of recycled cotton, unlike many other recycled textiles on the market. The textiles are made from pre-consumer off-cuts that are stripped and repurposed into the final product.

The new materials are the heaviest weight materials offered from Ventile, weighing 420g and 430g, respectively, and offer designers a wonderful ecological choice for shoes, purses, and mid-weight jackets.

Daniel Odermatt, Ventile Marketing Manager, said when they go through the process of producing a new fabric, they are always guided by their heritage. The 430 and 420 textiles were inspired by the desire to innovate, exactly like the scientists that created Ventile in 1943. They wanted to bring a new dimension to their Eco range with these new goods, so they experimented with how they utilize color and coarse threads in their fabric, and they're really happy with the results.

Ventile debuted its first recycled cotton collection in 2018 with the Ventile Eco Recycled 400, a heavier-weight recycled fabric, drawing on the company's tradition of creating unique materials.