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These are the best countries for sustainable shopping

Published: 2021-08-13

A study by luxury cashmere retailer N.Peal has revealed the best countries for sustainable shopping.

The study analysed the monthly searches of 64 countries, using eight search terms centred around sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. The goal of the study was to look closer into the evolution of eco-conscious shopping, with the first steps focusing on uncovering where exactly these shoppers live.

The US came out on top with a total of 29,700 online searches every month, followed closely by the UK with 24,500 searches.

Top ten countries for sustainable shopping online

  • United States - 29,700 searches
  • United Kingdom - 24,500 searches
  • India - 7,090 searches
  • Australia - 4,950 searches
  • Canada - 2,580 searches
  • Indonesia - 1,220 searches
  • Vietnam - 1,060 searches
  • Ireland - 1,060 searches
  • Germany - 1,010 searches
  • Netherlands - 830 searches

Per continent, however, the data showed that Europe was more dedicated to sustainable choices with the largest monthly searches at 74,130. The UK topped the top ten list, followed by Ireland and Germany with over 1,000 monthly searches and the Netherlands with 830 searches.

Top continents for sustainable shopping online

  • Europe - 74,130 searches
  • North America - 42,430 searches
  • Asia - 17,600 searches
  • Oceania - 5,310 searches
  • South America - 3,950 searches
  • Africa - 370 searches

Vintage and second-hand clothing has also become increasingly popular as an alternative to fast fashion purchases. The trend is reflected in the results for the most searched subjects, with ‘second hand’ coming in third as the most popular search term and ‘second hand clothes shops near me’ rising 5,000 percent more than the past five years. The buzzwords ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ still come out on top, however, with sustainable searches focusing on the planet’s resources, and wellbeing and ethical searches centred around social justice and worker rights.

Top global search themes for sustainable shopping

  • Sustainable - 47,520 searches
  • Ethical - 17,480 searches
  • Second hand - 8,110 searches
  • Organic - 4,970 searches
  • Eco - 2,620 searches

The rise in sustainability awareness has prompted businesses to adapt to the growing consumer demand for ethically and sustainably produced products. The results show that this global movement towards more sustainable purchase choices isn’t just a passing trend. It is a trend that has been taken on by large fast-fashion chains and small independent businesses alike.