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The 8th Intertex Milano Trade Show

Published: 2005-01-10
INTERTEX MILANO - International Textile Exhibition organised jointly  for the third time consecutively with READY TO SHOW - International Clothing Sourcing Exhibition will be held from March 3rd to 5th, 2005 at SUPERSTUDIO PIU', Milan (www.superstudiogroup.com) occuping an area of 5000 sq meters  with over 150 exhibitors.

The 8th Intertex Milano welcomes  manufacturers and exporters of fabrics, yarns and accessories from all over the world to the Italian fashion capital - Milan .

Intertex Milano offers a vast range of fabrics for women's, men's and children's wear; from basic and casual to high fashion and special collections; woven and knitted (drill, twill, organza, tulle, chiffon, poplin, taffeta, crepe, denim, jacquard, satin, tubic, velvet, ?, but also laces, embroideries, fashion accessories and yarns (natural and synthetics).


For Intertex Milano - Manufacturers, converters and exporters of woven, knitted and printed fabrics for women's, men's and children's wear, casual wear, sportswear, underwear and beachwear, laces, embroideries, manufacturers and exporters of yarns and accessories for clothing industry (trimmings, fasteners, buttons).

Dates: March 3 to 5, 2005
Venue: SUPERSTUDIO PIU' ( www.superstudiogroup.com ), Milan , Italy
Booth size: Fully equipped booths from 9 sqm (3 x 3) at Euro 2700 (Registration fee included)

Hotel accommodation: Discounted rates have been negotiated. Ask for them!
Organizer: Discovering Promotions Limited
22 Buckingham Gate, 4th Floor
Exhibitors?Office: T.D.F. S.r.l
Via Saffi,
9 20123 Milan Italy
Tel. 00 39 02 48015026
Fax 00 39 02 4815339