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Spun yarn: Prices Remain Flat While Fibres` Up

Published: 2013-02-19

100% cotton yarn markets sentiment in Asia was generally stable and trading volume of 32s cotton yarn inched up, while other specs saw thin transactions. In China, cotton yarn market was thin on the first day after the Lunar New Year holiday as half of the players were still away on holiday. In a holiday week, yarn processors increasingly turned to exporters, mostly from India where production is currently surging.

Spun polyester yarn prices remained flat and trading volume of 45s was higher than other specs, while other specs saw price stabilising. The yarn markets were generally depressed by the global textile slowdown but also by the higher yarn prices in China and yarn processors are increasingly turning to imports.

Spun viscose yarn market was still in lackluster, and prices were maintained stable for the moment. VSF prices inched up from stability. Uncertainty prevailed about the price levels as China resumes business after a weeklong Spring festival holidays. China is not expected letting cotton prices to fall and the shift to polyester may continue in Chinese spinning plants. Seasonal demand may also play its role, with viscose textile production usually rebounding in the spring in China.

Source: YnFx.com .