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Shaoxing County Attracted "Innovation" to Settle down in Keqiao

Published: 2009-08-10


On July 28, the primary appraisal results of 2009 China Professional Clothes Designers Creative Design Contest undertaken by our county was released. 30 contestants in the short list are eligible to enjoy "the great gift for creation" offered by our county. In mid-August, these contestants will come to Keqiao and source the suitable fabrics for the game after visiting excellent fabric manufacturers.


In March this year, our county cooperating with China Fashion Designers Association and other units launched the activity of collecting creative clothing designs nationwide in Beijing. The contest set "Crisis and Rebirth" as the them and requests to use Keqiao's fabrics in the design, "the great gift for creation" will be presented to the short-listed contestants and the final winners; The gold prize winner will get 80000 yuan, the short-listed contestants can own "zero-cost creative studio" provided by Keqiao. To gold, silver and bronze prize winners who register and start the substantial business operation in Keqiao Innovative Base, the county government will give the subsidy 100,000 to 200,000 yuan and offer the discount interest on one-year loan benchmark for the loan limit under 1 million yuan.


"This is not the attraction simply stimulated by a large sum of bonus, but the business extension for the substantial undertaking through the contest. Keqiao, Shaoxing not only gives great support to China Garment Industry but also cultivates a creative base." the member of the appraisal committee-director of academy committee of China Fashion Designers Association, Xiao Wenling to the reporter on the spot.


Zhang Zhongxiang,  "Xiangzi" Chinese-style garment designing director said, "We have kept a close cooperation with fabric enterprises in China textile city for a long time. Inspired from this activity, I have a strong intention to set up a local R&D institute, and make Chinese elements displayed in products on the commercial basis of Keqiao."


Since 2008, setting high-end products such as garment and home textile as the driving power, our county strives to become "International Textile Innovative Center" and pushes out some supporting policies. In order to attract more creative energy to Keqiao, our county steps to the peak of creation by holding creative design contest. "Shaoxing has made the first step to the success since attracting excellent institutes and outstanding designers to Keqiao by using the industrial advantage." said Wu haiyan, vice president of China Fashion Designers Association and professor of China Academy of Art.




Source: Shaoxing County Newspaper