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Nike’s Move to Zero capsule to release this summer!

Published: 2020-02-14

Image Courtesy: hypebeast.com

Nike, the US-based sportswear brand, will be releasing its ‘Move to Zero’ capsule collection of apparels coming summer.

The new collection will be an integration of sustainable cotton and recycled polyester and can be produced using less chemicals and less water.

Add to it, the Move to Zero capsule collection also boasts of a pattern efficiency of over 90 per cent – epitomised by the launch of the Nike Atsuma.

Move to Zero is Nike’s journey towards zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport.

What makes all this noteworthy is that the brand had only recently (11 February) published its Impact Report for FY19, wherein the major focus was on increasing the use of sustainable materials. And this collection proves it!

The report also highlighted that 99.9 per cent of its waste from footwear manufacturing is today either recycled or converted to energy.

Source:Apparel Resources