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Merrow Manufacturing becomes largest PPE manufacturer in USA

Published: 2020-05-23

Merrow Manufacturing LLC, a 182-year-old manufacturing firm based in USA, has become the top producer of PPE within the country.

The PPE kits are said to be reusable and disposable and Merrow Manufacturing has tied up with more than 85 hospitals and private healthcare centres.

Responding quickly with the supply of the same to the medical workers and the first line warriors with this new medical division, Merrow has come out with an immediate domestic solution to fight against COVID-19, while creating job opportunities amidst massive unemployment in USA right now.

According to the projection of Merrow, the company will produce around 700,000 medical gowns and body coveralls per week by July 2020 and the number will escalate to 4 million in the next several months, creating around 900 jobs.

In Massachusetts region, Merrow has invested around US $ 5 million to meet the production needs where over 3 million products are planned to be produced.

The company has also got recognition from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker who visited Merrow’s facility in early May and the administration placed an order for 2.5 million medical gowns.

To produce these gowns and coveralls, the co-owners of Merrow Manufacturing – Owen and Charlie Merrow – have partnered with fabric manufacturing companies with one of them being DuPont.

Charlie Merrow, Co-Owner, Merrow Manufacturing, commented “Our 182-year-long business has been helping pivot to manufacturing PPE. This new medical-focused division is not just a response to the current situation but an opportunity to create a domestic supply chain,” adding, “This will also give new strength to our healthcare system and local communities by creating jobs, producing performance-oriented products for first responders and building brand longevity.”

Source:Apparel Resources