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Know about Puma’s latest collaboration! It’s a biodegradable collection

Published: 2020-06-18

Puma is one of the biggest sports retailers who have taken the sustainability route by incorporating biodegradable materials into their apparel.

Image Courtesy: www.hypebeast.com

Named ‘Design to Fade’, Puma’s latest collection speaks for itself in terms of being environment-friendly.

By collaborating with a Dutch project called ‘Living Color’ and Swedish design company ‘Streamateria’, the sportswear brand has mixed both of their respective technologies to create a line of biodegradable clothing.

The biodegradable material is manufactured by Streamateria and then dyed using specific bacteria used by Living Colors in closed loops.

While the material is made out of bio-plastic, Streamateria uses waste clothing to create the raw material, thus creating a closed chain of consumption that significantly decreases waste.

Special bacteria are fed with nutrients which then release a pigment that is used to dye clothes.

This project makes it the third time since 2016 that the company has been undertaking projects to minimise its impact on the environment.

Just like the previous projects, Puma hasn’t revealed pricing or availability details; however, the company claims that these are highly important for the brand.

Source:Apparel Resources