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Here comes NFT-enabled garments; this time from Danit Peleg – a renowned fashion designer

Published: 2021-04-30

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are seemingly the next big concept luxury apparel brands eyeing to capitalise on in order to increase traceability in fashion supply chain, prove the provenance and authenticity of ownership of any digital asset.

As blockchain and NFTs are gaining momentum in the fashion sector gradually yet strongly, the most recent development in this area could be seen when three luxury fashion and accessory retail giants – LVMH, Cartier and Prada – announced that they are exploring a blockchain-enabled project called ‘Aura Blockchain’ in order to fight counterfeiting and ensure authenticity for their goods.

With the news of this collaboration still making headlines in the industry, the fashion industry has seen yet another significant development in the field of using NFTs…This time it’s Danit Peleg, an Israel-based renowned fashion designer who is making three of the garment pieces from her first 3D printed collection available for consumers to collect and purchase as NFTs.

According to Danit Peleg, a consumer can literally shop for a digital garment, download a file and then 3D Print it to get the physical garment – with a complete authentic ownership.

Since Danit is minting a limited number of these digital garments, her goal from her first 3D printed collection ‘Liberty Leading the People’ is for them to become collectibles.

When a consumer collects these garment pieces, he/she owns the digital rendering of these garments and can keep them as part of their digital fashion collection forever. What’s more interesting is the idea that they can even trade them in the secondary markets.

“In addition to the digital renderings, my collectors will unlock a folder of the 3D STL files of these garments, with printing instructions so they have the option to also 3D print them themselves,” said Danit Peleg in her LinkedIn post.

In an exclusive response by Danit Peleg sent to Apparel Resources, she says, “My collectors are NFT enthusiasts and those who understand the future of fashion, the potential in 3D printed fabrics and how it will evolve. When 3D printed fashion becomes commonplace, these pieces will be more valuable as these are the first 3D printed fashion NFTs!”

One of the messages, Danit received from one of her collectors reads – I am in love with your vision, and I know you will look at it today and laugh at how people did not jump on this…

This NFT-enabled collection is dropping on Rarible and later on Foundation. “I’m doing these drops independently, but I’m very open to collaborating with brands and translating their designs into digital + printable fashion NFTs,” shared Danit.

The first collection got unveiled on the ‘Earth Day’ in the wake of making fashion industry more sustainable and that’s possible with the use of digital fashion solutions.

Source:Apparel Resources