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Gucci to unveil Design Ancora during Milan Design Week

Published: 2024-03-28


  • Gucci will present Design Ancora at Milan Design Week 2024, led by creative director Sabato De Sarno.
  • Exploring iconicity, the project will feature five Italian symbols reinterpreted for modernity.
  • Architect Guillermo Santoma will design the showcase space.
  • The objects, representing Milan's essence, will be available for purchase online after the event.
Gucci is set to unveil Design Ancora during the Milan Design Week 2024 which will be held from April 15-21. Design Ancora is the occasion for Gucci’s creative director Sabato De Sarno to define the multifaceted meaning of iconicity at the intersection of the solid legacies of design masters and brands. The golden age of Italian design has contributed to broadcast worldwide the Italian mastery, across craftmanship and serial reproduction.


The project will showcase a special edition of five objects from a bygone era that are symbols of Italianity, and even more so of Milananness, with the intention of representing contemporaneity through the interpretation of their iconicity, Gucci said in a press release.

Architect Guillermo Santoma will contribute to the special project and lend his international vision by designing the space to showcase the products, which will subsequently be available for purchase on Gucci's website following the presentation.

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