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Garmentory & Donde collaborate for AI visual discovery technology

Published: 2020-08-01

Donde Search, a visual discovery solution provider, has collaborated with Garmentory, the online destination for emerging and contemporary fashion, to empower the brand’s online channel with AI visual discovery technology.

Image Courtesy: learn.dondesearch.com

“We selected Donde Search to power our product discovery after benchmarking and evaluating several options. Automating the tagging process and extracting a rich set of attributes is only the first step in a great partnership,” Sunil Gowda, Co-founder and CEO at Garmentory, said.

The partnership is a move to strengthen the online presence and help the customers in their shopping journey. The solution will enable customers to find a product by using an image.

The solution using computer vision and AI will allow automatic tagging of the products with more appropriate keywords and creating a unified catalogue.

Donde’s solution adds 20 features per fashion category and covers almost 95 per cent of the attributes therefore understanding each image and delivering accurate search results. The solution further offers style recommendation based on the trend and customers’ purchase history.

Source:Apparel Resources