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Fashion e-commerce AR/VR platform Perfitly partners with Otero Menswear!

Published: 2021-08-18

New York-based company, Perfitly, has partnered with the retailer, Otero Menswear, to provide greater accuracy in the garment selection process. The e-commerce platform of Otero Menswear is being integrated with Perfitly’s VR/AR (virtual/augmented reality) and AI-powered fitting room solutions.

Otero, a menswear clothing brand based out of Arizona, caters to clients between heights 5’4” and 5’10”. The Perfect Fit for men under 5’10” is designed by using unique visible leaning and lengthening techniques.

The brand’s new website is developed around virtual fitting and tailored size recommendations, provided by Perfitly. Users are to select different parameters – height, body type and shape, waist size and length – on the homepage.

A personalised virtual avatar is then presented, based on the user’s measurements. A range of polos and T-shirts are displayed on the avatar, allowing the user to make their choice.

Steve Villanueva, CEO and founder of Otero, commented upon the new collaborative project and said, “Perfitly’s virtual fitting process is centred on a seamless user experience as the key differentiator between ourselves and other targeted e-commerce apparel brands.”

Otero uses a three-dimensional design, based upon height, size and body types, leading them to discover that 93 per cent of men have two different body types, each requiring a unique fit.

Perfitly’s personalised avatars enable users to ‘try-on’ a garment and see a 360-degree rendering of the product. This allows customers to visualise perfect fits before making their purchase, eliminating the guesswork and other risks when purchasing online.

Villanueva also added, “Perfitly technology has helped Otero achieve unprecedented low return rates (3 per cent compared to the industry standard of 30 per cent for males) and high levels of customer satisfactions via the Otero Perfect Fit Journey.”

Virtual fitting solution by Perfitly in this partnership has helped reduced returns and increased efficiency in supply and operations at Otero Menswear.