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Fall/Winter 2021 macro theme: Uber refined vintage

Published: 2021-05-11

Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers a key, early mainstream macro theme for Fall Winter 2022, Uber Refined Vintage.

Vintage revival trends continue to evolve as traditional colour palettes, print ideas and shapes are revisited and reinterpreted through a modern lens. As consumers seek comfort in nostalgia and move towards a more investment dressing mindset, uber Refined Vintage encapsulates these core elements, focusing on pieces that fuse the best of vintage with contemporary design that will stand the test of time.

Theme Direction

Uber Refined Vintage celebrates the beauty of longevity, with its hyper elevated vintage references and balance between Scandi minimalism and Italian craftsmanship. This is reflected through a premium sophisticated colour palette, sculptural shapes and silhouettes, and architectural references that can be applied across a host of product categories.

Fall/Winter 2021 macro theme: Uber refined vintage

Colour & Print Direction

Vintage colourways become more considered in their use, at once expressive and refined in saturated hues or tempered neutral/ pastel combinations. Geo prints with an abstracted floral quality and retro motifs have a playful sensibility, whilst masculine influences come through in the revival of bold sunray stripes.

Fall/Winter 2021 macro theme: Uber refined vintage

Product Direction

Heritage inspirations are refreshed with a cleanness of line and careful attention to detail. Apparel is modestly cut with longline, sculptural silhouettes that flatter the body. Traditional leather goods are updated using premium quality materials and plays with proportion with feminine touches coming through in self trims, soft textures and hints of vintage fabrications such as lace.

Fall/Winter 2021 macro theme: Uber refined vintage

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Fall/Winter 2021 macro theme: Uber refined vintage

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