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Different types of jersey fabric

Published: 2019-07-15

You can see that the two sides of the fabric are different. One side of the fabric has only knit stitches ( which looks like chain stitches) and the other side has purl stitches. It has a fair amount of stretch as well. 

Shaoxing DTY 100%polyester two side brushed one side anti-pilling two in one blanket

Cotton jersey fabric is the most preferred of jersey fabric. It is a medium weight 4 way stretch knit fabric. T-shirt jersey is a cotton jersey with a 2 way stretch. T- shirt jersey doesnot have the soft drape of a rayon jersey fabric or silk jersey

Rayon jersey is a great fabric for sewing clothes as well because of its softness.  It usually has a  4-way stretch . Interlock twist jersey, Matte Jersey, metallic jersey are other available variations

Spun Poly Jersey has a matte finish without too much stretch. Cotton-poly-rayon Jersey has all the fibers blended to form a superior fabric with a very soft feel and great drape

Jersey knit slub fabric – in this type of fabric slub yarns are added to the single jersey fabric for added thickness and better appearance. This results in horizontal lines throughout the fabric. But this fabric doesnot have much stretch.

Silk Jersey is a very soft almost see through, lightweight and shiny fabric with a very good drape and stretch. It is the best fabric for making tops and blouses and dresses

Burntout Jersey and Tissue Jersey are specialty Jersey fabrics with a seethrough look. The Burntout Jersey has burntout designs throughout.