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Cotton yarn prices show mixed trend in north Indian markets

Published: 2022-06-21
North Indian markets noted mixed trend in cotton yarn prices today. Ludhiana market registered a drop of ₹5 per kg due to persisting sluggish demand, while yarn prices remained stable in Delhi as buyers were taking interest for fresh buying at lower prices. Panipat’s recycled yarn market also remained steady as demand was not supportive.

Ludhiana-based trader Gulshan Jain told Fibre2Fashion, “Cotton yarn demand was negligible as buyers were still not interested. The entire value chain is facing disparity due to higher cost of raw material. Manufacturing units were facing difficulties to get buyers for their product like fabrics and garments. Poor demand resulted in a decline of ₹5 per kg in yarn prices for most of the counts. In Ludhiana, 30 count cotton combed yarn was sold at ₹415-420 per kg (GST inclusive), according to Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro. 20 and 25 count combed yarn were traded at ₹405-410 per kg and ₹410-4215 per kg respectively. Carded yarn of 30 count was quoted at ₹355-360 per kg.

Delhi market noted steady trend in yarn prices as it experienced better buying from weaving industry. A local trader said that buyers were seen interested in fresh buying on limited scale. There were better activities in textile industry in Delhi and nearby areas of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Buyers are interested in buying because of fall in prices. In Delhi, 30 count combed yarn was traded at ₹395-400 per kg (GST extra), 40 count combed at ₹440-450 per kg, 30 count carded at ₹360-365 per kg and 40 count carded at ₹400-405 per kg.

The recycled yarn market of Panipat also witnessed stability in prices due to poor demand from weaving industry. The manufacturers of home textile products are not getting new orders due to seasonal slump. Cotton comber also remained steady. But the price of recycled polyester fibre (PET bottle fibre) decreased slightly.

In Panipat market, 10s recycled yarn (white) was traded at ₹95-102 per kg (excluding GST), 10s recycled yarn (coloured - high quality) at ₹140-145 per kg, 10s recycled yarn (coloured - low quality) at ₹95-105 per kg and 20s recycled high quality PC yarn (coloured) at ₹170-180 per kg. 10s optical yarn was traded at ₹125-130 per kg in the market. Comber was noted at ₹140 per kg. Recycle polyester fibre (PET bottle fibre) eased to ₹100 per kg from ₹102 per kg.

Meanwhile, cotton prices declined by around ₹400-500 per maund of 37.2 kg in north India in last couple of days. According to traders, demand was very week which led to price fall. Cotton was sold at ₹9,700-9,800 pe maund in Bathinda, ₹9,600-10600 per maund in Hissar and ₹9,800-10,000 per maund in Sriganganagar market.

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