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China, Lithuania to enhance industial and commercial ties

Published: 2009-09-04


The Chinese and Lithuanian leaders called for enhanced bilateral relations in industrial and commercial sectors at a meeting of Lithuanian and Chinese entrepreneurs on Tuesday.


    Addressing the meeting, visiting Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu urged further economic and commercial cooperation between the two sides.


    Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce and host of the meeting, Gao Hucheng, pledged that the Chinese government would work more closely with Lithuanians to serve and facilitate the exchanges between the two countries' enterprises.


    Prior to the meeting, the entrepreneurs of the two sides signed many contracts in the fields of light industry, food, textile, medicine and high-technology at a fair held at the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy.


    The governments of the two nations also reached a series of agreements to promote their economic and commercial cooperation.


    The fifth Chinese trade promotion delegation arrived in Lithuania on Monday for a two-day event on economic and trade exchanges.


    Lithuania is China's biggest trading partner in the Baltic Sea area. The total volume of bilateral trade exceeded 1 billion U.S. dollars in 2008.




Source: Chinaview