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Chic Black Leggings Are Now A Vogue Editor Essential

Published: 2022-05-16

“I love the versatility of a great pair of black leggings, I’ve scoured everywhere for the most flattering cuts that have a high waist, just the right amount of stretch and flash some ankle with a side or front zip,” declares the deputy director of Vogue’s global fashion network, Laura Ingham. At the moment, she has pairs from TotêmeWardrobe.NYC and Arket on rotation.

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Sarah Harris, Vogue’s global network lead and European deputy editor, is another fan of Wardrobe. NYC’s stretch-ponte leggings. “I’ve always loved black leggings because a) they’re so comfortable, and b) they go with everything, from a hoodie to a pressed white shirt to a tailored blazer to a cashmere roll neck to a floor length coat. And c) you can wear them for both day and night,” she says. Her advice? “Invest in the best pair you can afford, because the best black leggings rely solely on the quality of the fabric. Cheaper iterations are prone to sagging after a few wears.”