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Browzwear unveils ‘Headless’ Apparel Automation Engine

Published: 2020-06-28

Browzwear, a 3D technology solution provider, has announced the launch of a ‘Headless’ End-to-End Apparel Automation Engine for the apparel manufacturers.

Image Courtesy: seir.im/browzwear

The technology will empower the organisations to integrate Browzwear’s 3D garment creation engine capabilities to the existing front-end processes therefore supporting scale throughout the entire apparel production flow.

The concept of Headless software makes the solution capable of working on any device without graphic user interface; it enables companies to develop customisation solution on top of Browzwear’s advanced technology to fit business and production needs.

“After implementing the technology on the back end, designers are empowered to do things such as instantly create an endless number of colourways and generate true-to-life 3D renderings that can be used for design and line review, merchandise planning and other GTM strategies such as e-commerce,” said Noam Nevo, Browzwear’s Co-Founder and CTO.

Since the technology can be integrated with a host of technologies, it has limitless applications in the apparel industry including e-commerce, virtual try-ons, design iteration and creation, sizing, etc.

To help the business seamlessly integrate the solution in their workflow, the company will closely collaborate with them to support, educate and train about the implementation for maximum value impact.

The solution helps integration with any front-end application or framework, can be built into private cloud setup, customisation of solution to meet business specific needs, speeds up the process and facilitates demand and data-driven supply chain production.

Furthermore, the Headless Engine also frees the employees from time-consuming and rote tasks on their core competencies, from product conceptualisation to final production, and even merchandising.

Source:Apparel Resources