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Browzwear partners with PVH STITCH Accelerator Program

Published: 2020-04-16

Browzwear, a leading 3D tech provider for the apparel industry, and STITCH, will now be working closely with the new STITCH Accelerator Program in order to create the most efficient 3D design workflows and tools.

It’s worth recalling here that STITCH is a tech incubator originated from PVH Europe and Tommy Hilfiger – one of PVH’s brands – had recently announced its plans to have 100 per cent digital design workflow by 2022.

The initiative is focused to help PVH achieve this goal by assisting fashion designers and pattern makers with expertise in the technologies. The program will allow participants for the fully-digital apparel development workflow created by STITCH and these participants would further be able to work for the brands interested in scaling up their 3D operations.

It’s an era where brands and retailers are aiming at leveraging 3D-powered design and STITCH is claimed to be a tool which can help fashion companies to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

As part of its ongoing relationship with PVH, Browzwear will continue to accelerate their ability to automate and optimise design and merchandising workflows, reduce wastage of resources and increase speed to market for PVH brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Sharon Lim, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Browzwear, said “Our past experience says that adopting 3D solutions brings companies competitive advantage in a challenging business environment. To maximise that advantage, it’s imperative that we work together to re-design the product life cycle of the future.”

Dominic Sluiter, Head of STITCH3D, commented “Browzwear enables us to develop the best talent and build the fastest and most scalable 3D workflow possible. STITCH and Browzwear have a long friendship working very closely helping the fashion industry go digital and we are glad to be strengthening our relationship through this collaboration.”

Source:Apparel Resources