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Browzwear announces additions to its 3D design software

Published: 2020-02-10

Image Courtesy: /i.ytimg.com

Browzwear, 3D design and prototyping software solution provider, has launched the latest version of its VStitcher and Lotta design and workflow solution for increased efficiency, reduced sample production and speed time to market.

The new features include a 16 bit support for displacement maps, which provides depth and detail to the two-dimensional object making them resemble a three-dimensional and customisable avatar poses.

Also, the designers and merchandisers would be able to showcase their designs on 3D avatar in the pose and with the parameter they want for better visualisation of the garments.

The main highlights of the software include a 3D seam effect, greater flexibility to work and share 3D garments, On-avatar measuring tape and options for local V-Ray rendering.

The 3D seam effect allows easy importing of 2D vector files to VStitcher and Lotta that process the file to convert them into flexible 3D object; therefore, allowing the designers even without 3D expertise to leverage the benefits of 3D capabilities while benefiting from real-time feedback, transparency and speed.

The advanced flexibility to work and share 3D garments is because of its compatibility with GL Transmission Format (gITFTM). This allows exporting and viewing of 3D files across different platforms on web as well as in VR and AR applications.

Another advantage that the designers have is to render the 3D image in the cloud or locally. Also, for latter they can opt to use GPU or CPU which lowers the effect on computing performance.

The rendering quality can be set (low/medium/best) allowing faster rendering in case the end use is internal. Furthermore, the On-avatar measuring tape allows pattern makers to directly measure the samples on avatar and store or keep on display.

The latest edition is launched in collaboration with companies like Jeanologia and YKK, which allows designing and production to use sustainable denim finishes and popular fasteners styles.

“Browzwear was the first company to bring 3D technologies that were common in automotive and consumer electronic product development to the fashion industry. Since then, these tools have become even more critical for businesses looking at driving efficiencies and operating more sustainably,”Uri Tzadikevitch, Vice President of product at Browzwear.

Source:Apparel Resources