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  How to Register
To fully utilize benefits and services, you should join GlobalTextiles.Com as a member.
1. Click on the Join Free at the top of the page.

2. Choose Country or Region, Member Type and enter your E-mail Address.

3. Follow the steps and complete the required fields.
The steps for sellers

The steps for buyers
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The steps for both

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  Lost Password
GlobalTextiles.Com will create a new password and send it to your registered e-mail address. You can change your password from My Web Office>My Profile>Change The Password.

If you cannot remember your registered Member ID or E-mail address, please Contact Us.

  Search by Keyword
When you know what you are looking for, it is a fast and easy way to search by typing keywords into the search box and then click on Go. If you click to the select box, you can get more information in detail.

Top Searches are the hot keywords frequently searched by users.

If you are a buyer, please go to Sell page to get more Top Searches.

If you are a seller, please go to Buy page to get more Top Searches.

- GlobalTextiles searches are NOT case sensitive. Searches for table cloth, Table Cloth, and tAbLe cLoTh will all return the same results.
- Be specific. Search for Cotton Fabric rather than Fabric.
- Avoid overspecialized. Search for Knitting Machinary rather than Knitting Machinary HJWB-1-190
- Try different keywords. When searching for Hat, search also for Cap
- Check your spelling.
  Search by Categories
You can find companies / products / trade offers by narrowing down the categories and related sub-categories.
  What is an inquiry?
Inquiry works as an e-mail to contact your potential partner. Efficient reply to the inquiry makes your business more smoothly.
  How to send inquiries?
1. Having searched the information you want by keywords, you can click on the linked item to get detailed information on the next web page. Simply click and send you massage to the partner.

2. Once you have received an inquiry from your business partner, you only need click “Reply” button to send returned message.
  How can I get more responses?
Please make sure all your contact information is correctly submitted.

For Buyer:
When sending an inquiry to a supplier, please make sure you have stated your requirement in detail:
1)What kind of product you are looking for
2)The quantity you may order
3)Price range
4)Delivery time
5)Payment & Terms
6)Your location and other requirement

For Seller:
When sending an inquiry to a buyer, please make sure you have given complete information of your company.
1) Your company description
2) What kind of products you deal with
3) Answer the buyer according to his requirement.
4) Give your complete contact information in your inquiry.

  What is Inquiry Basket?

Inquiry Basket works like a shopping cart, which offers members greater convenience when searching or browsing on GlobalTextiles.Com. You can add your interested companies, products and offers in your Inquiry Basket and send your inquiries to them at one time. Please send your inquiries before leaving GlobalTextiles.Com.

  How to use Inquiry Basket?

When you browse or search on GlobalTextiles.Com,
1. Select the checkbox beside each product, offer or company you are interested in to Inquiry Basket.
2. Click and then continue your searching.
3. When you are ready to send inquiries, go to Inquiry Basket located at the top-right corner of each page.
4. Review your selected items, and click .
5. Send your message.

Due to the spam problem on the Internet, an increasing number of email providers automatically block mail from widely used webmail services such as hotmail etc.. If it happens to you, we kindly remind you to resend your inquiry by using your different e-mail address. To change your e-mail address, please go to My Profile of My Web Office.

  What is My Favorites?

You can add your interested products, offers and companies to My Favorites and manage them as your need. These selected items will be saved in My Favorites of My Web Office for your later browsing.

  How to use My Favorites?

When you browse or search on GlobalTextiles.Com,
1. When you want to save your interested products, offers or companies to My Favorites, click
2. Browse My Favorites of My Web Office and find the information on the corresponding branches.
3. Send your message to your selected items at one time.

Your interested companies, products and offers will be saved in My Favorites, while the ones in your Inquiry Basket can only be backuped temporarily. When you leave GlobalTextiles.Com or close your browser, the items in your Inquiry Basket will be lost while the ones in My Favorites still remains.

If you do not find an answer to your question, please fill in the following Contact Form or Contact Us.

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