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Q. What does the GTBT consist of?
A.The GTBT consists of two parts: Keqiao Textile Expo, Purchase Meeting.

Q. Am I qualified to attend GTBT?
A. Professional textile buyers with passport outside China Mainland who applied in advance and get confirmation from us can attend GTBT.

Q. How can I find the proper supplier through the GTBT?
A. The professional staff of GTBT will help you to find matched suppliers according to the requirement you submit. In addition to exhibitors, you can meet other suitable suppliers from different area in China. We hope you will be satisfied with our services.

Q. What kind of samples or documents should I bring with me to make the trip more efficient?
A. We strongly recommend each buyer to bring his/her product samples. It couldn¡¯t be better if you can provide us with sample pictures before the trip, so that your matched manufacturers could prepare the counter samples in advance for your examination in the purchase meeting.

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