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Qualified Suppliers
  • Shaoxing Eastshow Textile Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in all kinds of knitted fabrics, single and double knitted fabrics, thick card fabrics, jacquard fabrics, sweater fabrics, Roman fabrics, etc.
  • Shaoxing Lulong Knitting Co., Ltd.
  • Shaoxing Meiru Textile Technology Co., LTD. Is a company focusing on innovation, development, production and sales of all kinds of fashionable women's clothing fabrics. Professional flower design, fabric development team, exported to Europe and other countries without inspection factory, stable quality management strict. The company is a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in Zhejiang Province; Excellent fabric supplier of National Textile Fabric Museum; A number of brand clothing companies a-level fabric suppliers; Top 10 Sponsors of China Apparel Industry Service Platform. From 2017 to 2019 participated in keqiao Fashion Week local original brand show.
  • Jiangsu Weihao Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Daqiao Industrial Park, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Yangzhou. In the years since the company has grown, it has always provided customers with good products, technical support, and sound after-sales service. The company is mainly engaged in the production, finishing, processing and sales of knitted textile fabrics. We look forward to your online message or inquire
  • Yangzhou Jinli Plush Co., Ltd. is a plush fabric textile factory integrating warp and weft knitted fabric weaving and plush fabric finishing. The dyeing factory and finishing factory have professional plush fabric production equipment. Production and operation of all kinds of medium and high-grade rabbit plush, European carved velvet, Teddy velvet, Altai, wheat velvet, carrot velvet, imitation super, real super, elastic super, PV velvet, comfortable cotton velvet, bubble velvet, Arctic velvet Printing, tie-dyeing and engraving products. The company has a sophisticated R&D and production team, and releases new plush fabric products to the market every year.  Welcome friends to come to the company for on-site inspection   customized samples, looking forward to win-win cooperation!
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