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Qualified Suppliers
  • Suzhou Kaikang Textile Co. , LTD. IS A TEXTILE R & D and Manufacturing Enterprise, the company mainly produces luggage cloth, memory cloth, ultra-fine high down jacket fabric, down jacket all kinds of lining materials, silk (example of snow imitation, Qiaoqi) and yarn-dyed five categories
  • Suzhou Xuan Sheng Textile Co. , Ltd. is a textile products weaving, dyeing and finishing.
  • 1554 Mingjian textile, first floor, Second area, Shaoxing Beilian Market
  • SHAOXING XINGNUO TEXTILE CO..LTD. Main business: knitted fabrics, German cashmere, milk silk (weft knitting all kinds of components of knitted fabrics and full polyester water-jet weaving fabrics)
  • Our company's main products: small teddy, granular cashmere, Australian cashmere, Turkey, Altay, rabbit hair brush flower, rabbit hair, small sun, iced cashmere, fruit grain cashmere, Camille, cotton hemp and other products, welcome customers to inquire!
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