Cihan Makina A.S
Company Profile
Dear Sirs, We here introduce ourselves as the manufacturer of below machines and accessories in Turkey. We export our products worldwide and enclose our catalogues for your information. If you need more information, please inform us accordingly so we can send you more detailed information. we produce and export; ******************************* Ozone Washing System ( N E W !!!) O3 ! Ozene Washing Machines Stone Washing Machines, Dryers, Vertical And Horizontal Brushing Robots (Manual And Automatic) Hard Top Brushing (Trouser, Jacket And Arm) Chemical Pp Spray Cabinets (For Permanganate And Other Chemical Applications) Sand Blasting Machines Rubbers For Trousers & Jackets (Black, Orange, Beige, Brown) Brushing Motors (Electrical And Pneumatic) And Accessories Special Grinding Machines + Filter Systems Used Look Machines Crinkle Press And Crinkle Chemicals New !!! Regional Crinkle Press Conveyor And Batch Curing Ovens Emergency Eye-Body Showers Stapler Machine & Plastic Fasteners Loop Cutter Machine Special Trolleys For Washing Houses Washing Balls & Stones Pumice Stones, Perlite, Chemicals, Fabric Inspection Machines, Swatch Cutting Machines, Light Box Pins, Metal Clips For Shirts and also with a professional expert team consultancy for jeans finishing!!! References; most of Gloria Venderbilt suppliers, M&S suppliers, Martelli, Jordache, Levi's, Lee Cooper, Jones Apparel Group, Petra, Hi-tech, Caliber, Colin's, Cons, EAM Maliban, Melbourne, Stefanel, NDS, Jeans Club, Megastone, Yilteks, Little Big, Leke Jeans, Lotus, Artistic, Suez Canal, W.I.C., Top Finition, Tiffany, etc. We shall also be displaying our products in the below mentioned fairs; 26-29 April 2006 Igatex Karachi - Pakistan 10-13 May 2006 Imb Cologne - Germany 31may- 4 June 2006 Iitm Istanbul 2006 Istanbul - Turkey 14-16 June 2006 Texmed Tunisia 2006 -Tunisia 16-18 June 2006 Garment Technology Expo 2006 Bangalore - India 27 June-2 July 2006 Itm 2006 Istanbul - Turkey 9-12 November 2006 Itce Cairo Cairo - Egypt 10-13 November 2006 Expo Detergo Milano-Italy Hope to have a successfull co-operation with your company. Thanks and best regards, ISO 9001: 2000 REGISTERED BY ICS / UKAS