Shaoxing County Hezhongheqian Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
SHAOXING COUNTY HEZHONGHE QIAN CO.,LTD is a company ,which specializes in the production of Spunlacing Non―woven .Our company has a set of first―rate European and American equipment such as, Laroche opening and blending system, Thibeau double carding machine, Asselin cross―lapper and drafter, Fleissner Aquajet System, Fleissner high―efficiency ATD dryer Bastian winding and cutting manchine and so on.. Now we can produce various kinds of Spunlace Non―woven with the weight of 30―250g / m2 and the max width of 3200mm as well as different specifications . Our products are widely used in synthetic leather substrate ,ultra―microfibre , medical and hygiene products , high―performance wipe and ultra―fine filter media, etc. We sincerely welcome you---our dear customers both from at home or abroad to connect with us ,we will supply the first―rate service and the best productions.