Kangda Clothing Accessories (Label) Factory
Company Profile
Our factory is a company specialized in the making of all kinds of clothing brand labels and developing / making of plastic crafts. Since the founding of the company, we began to introduce various modern machinery and testing equipments. We also have a strong team of technicians rich in knowledge of advance technology. Now we are able to serve our customers on a one-stop basis from design, are mainly: PVC / silicone badges, fabric base badges, high frequency sealed badges, zipper pulls, key chains, hanging trims, micro injection badge, paper cards and hangtags. We believe a brand name label is not only an accessory or decoration, but also something which can put the brand to stand out in the market and to establish the company image. With this belief in mind, therefore we have been holding the principles of honesty, best quality and high efficiency to serve various industry such as garments, shoes / hats, handbags, traveling cases, zippers etc. With our sophisticated and refined products. During the process we are continuously improving and updating in product design, manufacturing craftmanships, quality control so that all our customers have advantages in this competitive market. In order to meet the growing and demanding needs of consumers for environmental friendly products, we have successfully created a brand new eco-friendly series-silicone patches, silicone fabric base patches, woven labels / woven tapes with silicone and silicone zipper pulls etc. Silicone is now the most environmental friendly material used, it complies with ISO and CE standards. It contains no toxic and heavy metal substance, and can be dissolved and becomes its original form naturally. This series of products are widely and highly accepted and recognized by many famous brand names. We welcome and are happy to serve all old and new business partners on the grounds of good honour, best quality, and advantage of highly competitive price.