Charms Metal Manufacturer
Company Profile
Charms Metal Manufacturer Company Limited has established for more than 20 years, mainly on manufacturing various kind of trims and fashion buttons including metallic shank button, snap button, alloy button, polyester button, ABS metal plated button and buckles. The successful growth has enabled Charms to become one or if not the best manufacturer in fashionable trims and buttons in Hong Kong for both local and overseas customers seeking best quality at reasonable prices. Our factory premises occupies an area of 40,000sq.feet equipped with 300 units of various kinds of highly technical machines as well as 200 experienced and proficient workers for best quality production and prompt delivery. In order to be competitive within the buttons market, we believe besides having to maintain a good quality production, we also keep an up-to-date catalogue on all our latest developments on trims and buttons for our customer? reference. Moreover, our factory is now professionally enough to develop new samples under specific design and quality requirements from all types of customers. . With 20 years?of experience behind us, we are confident we can ensure our customers to receive sufficient and accurate information about our products from our team of experienced sales who pay frequent visits to customers to demonstrate our products as well as after-sales support. We also strongly recommend our staff to serve our customers the best if not true and honest services. They will be guaranteed absolutely good quality and prompt delivery of orders with good services and most importantly reasonable and competitive prices. We are trustworthy, reputable and confident. We hope that the quality of our products will meet the satisfaction of all our customers, both local and overseas.