Tianjin Tianhong Trade Co,.LTD
Company Profile
Known as the seashore city along the Bohai River in P.R.China, Tianjin is the headquarters of the company. The City is located in the middle of the Bohai Economic Zone, only 120Km away from Beijing, the capital of China. Tianjin is a hub in connecting the Northeast, Northwest, Eastern China and the Eurasia Bridge. Besides, it? an important commodity distributing center in the Northern China as it possesses the Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) and the Bond Zone. More and more foreign entrepreneurs have been attracted to invest here because of the advantageous geographic distribution and investing environment. The convenient and fast information communication, wide range of means of transportation of marine, land and air and the stable social and human environment bring the new energy for the development of industry and commerce in the area. Tianjin Tianhong Trade Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of various knitting fabrics and clothing with manufacturing base in Keqiao, Shaoxing county, Zhejiang province, China. The whole production base is equipped with more than 60 sets of knitting machines introduced from Singapore and Taiwan. Standard and superior quality of fabrics and clothing produced with the advanced equipment, new and skilled technique and latest fashionable designs are within the scope of our business. Our products meet not only the demand from domestic market but also that from over 20 foreign countries and regions in Europe and Asia. The business scope in textile fabrics includes the followings: Class Ⅰ: polar fleece, fleece velvet in one side, double-side velvet, pellet fleece velvet printed, drill-silk velvet, velvet; Class Ⅱ: 3-thread fleece, scale-like fleece, single-side flannelette, twill terry; Class Ⅲ: spandex sweat fabric, spandex toweling, cotton fleece fabric, pearl fabric, French rib fabric, mesh fabric, air-layer fabric, rib fabric, etc; Class Ⅳ: single-side figured fabric by computer, six-color figured fabric with big circular terry by computer. Special Products: T worm cloth(T67% worm gossamer 29% / 4% multi-gossamer N/SP), elastic spider-gossamer fabric(100D/96F spider-gossamer SP%4.5), etc. The above special products are all innovated by ourselves. Clothing: medium and top sportswear, usual clothes, school wear, children? clothes, bath robe, pajamas, swimming wear, etc. We are enjoying a high reputation among our domestic and overseas customers for our advanced business ideas, perfect products and sincere service, making us outstanding over the other counterparts in this field.